Important addition to June East CAC Meeting: Stadium Advisory Committee

As mentioned in the previous CAC meeting, St. Augustine is forming a Stadium Committee to ensure that the college is being responsible to the community and its residents regarding the stadium and its use. They would like for the Committee to play an active role in helping them with transparency and compliance with their agreement with the City.

To that end, they are asking that the neighboring CACs have two representatives each on the Committee. *In Monday’s meeting we will accept nominations for and vote on the two representatives from our CAC*. We have a very full agenda this month and would like to get this decided early, so we’ll add this to the Neighborhood Reports section of the agenda.* If you are interested in being a representative to this committee, or in nominating someone, please make sure you arrive on time to the meeting.*

If you have any questions about this, please contact CAC Leadership: cac-leadership at


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