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How to help the recent fire victims

Friday, December 16th, 2011

As you may have heard, a family living at Raleigh North apartments suffered a fire early Wednesday morning, sending two of the kids to the hospital for extreme smoke inhalation. The family lost all their possessions and are in need of assistance from the community.

Here are the sizes for the children and mom in case there’s anything you can donate. They will be staying with a family member for the time being but may also be looking for affordable housing in the area soon.

If you’re able to help in any way, please contact Michelle (michellegill1981 at hotmail dot com or 919-758-2000) as soon as possible.

Zadeek (18 mos, boy) 2T/3T clothing, shoe size 5W
Tizade (4 1/2, boy) 5T clothing, shoe size 7
Sonia (8, girl) 10/12 clothing, shoe size 7
Yadia (10, girl) 12/14 clothing, shoe size 9 1/2-10
Mom, L-XL 12/14 clothing, 14/16 pants, shoe size 11