Brenda Pulley update #3

Saturday morning I took the last of the donations over to Brenda Pulley, recruiting my neighbor Marcus to assist. Her apartment looked much different from when I’d seen it before. Her son has provided her with living room furniture and another bed. Marcus and I put her bed together and moved in a dresser, chest of drawers, and recliner that Marcus donated. Brenda was most appreciative and seems to be getting settled nicely.

Brenda doesn’t seem to need much more at this point. She did say that a small table for the kitchen might be nice (2′ -3′ tall by 3′ long by 2′ deep would be ideal) so she would have a place to put her coffee pot and other kitchen supplies. She might use another, similar-sized table in the kitchen, too.

Brenda has used her donations wisely: she’s already paid her rent through May. She sounded quite happy to be returning to work again tomorrow after being off a month. Most of all, she was very appreciative of all that’s been done for her.

When I started collecting things for Brenda, I just wanted to help get her life back to normal as quickly as possible. While there is no replacing her lost husband, I feel like our efforts have gone a long way towards picking her back up. Thanks for all your help!

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