Brenda Pulley update #2

As you may know, before Monday’s CAC meeting I delivered a van full of donations to Brenda Pulley. I’m pleased to say she had things for her place the moment she walked in.

Things she has: clothes/shoes, queen mattress/box springs, another bed (unknown size), kitchen table w/chairs, rocking chair, office chair, 19″ TV, microwave, coffee pot, dish rack, two cooking pots, dishes, some cleaning supplies, glasses, towels, sheets, and vacuum.

Things she’s been pledged: bed frame, dresser, chest of drawers, lamps, and night stand.

Things she could still use: welcome mats (2 inside, 2 outside), broom/dustpan, curtains, clock radio, oven mitts, salt and pepper shakers, frying pan, TV stand, and money. Maybe more clothes or coats, too.

I’ll be delivering more donations Saturday (and Sunday, if needed), so there’s still time to donate. If you’d like to offer anything contact me and I’ll coordinate getting it to Brenda. Thanks!

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