Projects needed for Service Raleigh day, March 27th

It’s that time of year when the NCSU volunteers with Service Raleigh look for projects to assist with in the community. Some Service Raleigh volunteers will be planting trees in East Raleigh in association with Trees Across Raleigh. Beyond that, there are still opportunities for these folks to help improve our community.

This year’s Service Raleigh day is Saturday, March 27th.

If you know of projects around East Raleigh that a team of volunteers could assist with, such as trash collection, insulating or painting homes, stream cleanup, or other such projects, let me know and I’ll work to get them done. The deadline for submitting projects is March 5th (next week), so please send those ideas ASAP!

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Have a great weekend!

Mark Turner
East CAC

What is Service Raleigh?
Service Raleigh is an annual citywide day of service started in 1998 by NC State’s Student Government and Park Scholars. Each year, volunteers from the university and surrounding community unite to undertake a variety of projects, each of which provides much needed assistance to local organizations. Service Raleigh is funded by the Park Foundation, NCSU Student Government, and local donors.

What makes Service Raleigh unique?
Service Raleigh is organized, planned, and executed by students. It is the largest student-run service organization in the Triangle area, involving over 2,000 volunteers annually. It is also one of the university’s fastest growing service organizations, having doubled in size since it’s beginning in 1998.

How can I get involved in Service Raleigh?
The easiest way to get involved is to volunteer. Register as an individual volunteer or as a group, and you will be contacted with further instructions as the event approaches. If you represent a local business wishing to donate resources, contact Drew Rothenberg. If you represent a local organization wishing to request volunteers for a service project, contact the Partner committee chairs.

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