Committee of the Whole to hear Z-18-09 Tuesday

February 2, 2010 – 9:00 A.M.
Room 305 – Municipal Building

The following items will be discussed in the order in which they appear on this agenda, unless otherwise determined by the Chairman.

TC-7-09 Front Yard Parking for Single Family Detached Dwellings. Amends the Zoning Code to regulate the front yard area of single family detached dwellings by further limiting the area which may be devoted to driveways and parking areas, requires the driveway and parking areas to be paved or contain crushed stone with defined borders and requires vegetative screening in certain situations. The proposed regulations will apply to all new driveway and parking areas and may require compliance of existing violations within one year of adoption.

Z-18-09 Poole Rd., northeast quadrant of its intersection with Norwood St. Approx. 1.20 acres are requested by Longview Acre LLC to be rezoned from Residential-6 to Shopping Center Conditional Use District.

Report on Planning Commission’s FY2009/10 Budget

Pending Items Not Scheduled for Discussion:
S-19-09 Kent Road Subdivision, northwest corner of Garland Road and Kent Road. Approx. 0.52 acre, zoned R-10, is requested to be subdivided into 3 lots.
TC-2-10 Rezoning Review Process, Amends the City’s rezoning process related to required neighborhood meetings, traffic impact analysis, third party rezonings, time period for Planning Commission deliberation, prohibitions on certain zoning conditions, and specific time periods for submitting revised and amended zoning conditions.

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