Survey on non-bottle rigid plastic recycling

Linda Leighton of Raleigh’s Solid Waste Services is seeking input on recycling non-bottle rigid plastic. See her note below:

Time sensitive! If you wish to participate in this survey your response is needed by January 20th and the survey involves collecting and weighing your regular household plastics over a two week period.

We get calls every week from residents like you wishing we could recycle the rigid non-bottle shaped plastics such as margarine tubs, yogurt cups, deli trays, etc. This is your opportunity to provide some
important data to the APR Rigid Plastics Recycling Committee so they can begin to build a knowledge base on the current status of rigid plastics in the home.

For the rigid plastics include all the tubs, cups, pots, and trays, but do not include clam shells, Styrofoam or film.

The survey is quite simple and should be returned to me [Linda] no later than January 20, 2010.

Return the survey to Linda Leighton at linda dot leighton at ci dot raleigh dot nc dot us.

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