Gun and gang offenders receive stiff sentences


RPD, U.S. Attorney’s Office Work to Charge Offenders – Many Face Long Sentences in Federal Prison

Last week, George E.B. Holding, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, held a press conference at the Sanford Federal Building in downtown Raleigh to announce the federal government’s continued commitment to reducing violent crime and gang-related activity in eastern North Carolina. Much of the attention was focused on several neighborhoods in Raleigh, where the Raleigh Police Department continues to work in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and other federal officials to charge and prosecute offenders federally, where appropriate.

At the press conference, Raleigh Police Chief Harry P. Dolan expressed his appreciation to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, RPD officers and detectives, and members of the community for the working relationship that made the arrest and prosecution of these offenders possible. Dolan also described the work being done by RPD and other Raleigh city departments to deliver community-oriented government services in an effort to help keep young people out of gangs and on the path officials to take a tougher stand against violent and gang-related crime in Raleigh.

“In partnership with those who live and work in neighborhoods throughout the city, we will continue our enforcement efforts – especially those related to illegal guns, criminal gangs and drugs – and we will continue to expand upon the progress we have seen to date,” said Dolan. “In addition, we will work with the community and with other agencies to provide young people with positive role models and with alternatives to criminal activities.”

Both Dolan and Holding emphasized that the cooperation between federal and local authorities will continue, and is expected to result in more federal prosecutions in cases involving gangs, guns, and drugs.

You can find the full release including a list of offenders and their sentencing here. [PDF]

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