Draft minutes from October 2009 East CAC meeting

East CAC Meeting
Lions Park
October 19, 2009
7:00 p.m.

Residents: 50
Staff: 5 (CS – 1, Police – 2, P&R – 2)
Guests: 18 (International Affairs group from Pakistan)
Presenters: 1

Mark Turner welcomed the attendees to the meeting at 7:07 p.m.
Cooke Street Carnival was held last week. Maybe some East CAC neighborhoods would be interested in doing something like that in the spring
October 25 there will be a cyclocross event at Lions Park. A kids’ ride will be part of the event.
Approval of September minutes

Success Reports:
Signs are out advertising the East CAC meeting. If others are interested in placing signs in their neighborhood, please let Mark know.

Parks & Recreation Report: Christie Jones, Lions Park Director
She elaborated on the cyclocross event. It is designed for experienced bikers and will have an obstacle course that will go around the perimeter of the park.

Lions Park is one of the drop off sites for the Coats for Kids campaign. People can bring their gently used winter coats to be given to those who are less fortunate.
Lions Park will receive window and floor improvements in the near future. The group will be made aware of the schedule and move to another room if needed.
Senior Programs are in full gear. They will are taking trip to the Smithfield Outlet Mall.
The weight room is getting some additional equipment.
The Halloween Trail at Durant Nature Park is occurring on October 23-24. Interested participants will need to prepay at any community center.
Mordecai Park is sponsoring the Haunted Trolley Tour
Football is ending in November and basketball is starting up. Registration for basketball has ended but there is a need for players in the 13-15 age groups.

Police Report: Officer Woodard
Question was asked related to having a police substation at the Food Lion shopping center on Raleigh Blvd.
The department has a proposed floor plan that is in the review process.
Question was asked relative to how the East CAC neighborhoods were doing in comparison to other Raleigh neighborhoods.
Neighborhoods are different and trends are different so it is difficult to compare.
What is the current situation around Enloe High School?
Things are improving with the new program that is in place.
There were several discussions on traffic issues in the communities. Mark requested that everyone e-mail him with those concerns and he will forward to Eric Lamb in the Transportation Division

Elections: Mark Turner
Mark put forth the slate of nominees:
Mark Turner, Chair
Van Alston, Vice Chair
Sue Sturgis, Secretary
There were on additional nominees so the slate was voted in by acclimation.

Playground Redesign Project: Wayne Schindler, Parks Superintendent
Seeking to establish a design committee to provide feedback to the P&R Department on the projects.
Citizen suggested involving the youth in the process.
Lions Park and Lockwood Greenway Park playgrounds are the ones in East CAC that are on the list to be renovated.
Looking to eliminate hazards and bring the playgrounds up to code.
Once the committee has been formed and formulate some ideas, a community input day will provide opportunity for the greater community to have input.
Nature and landscaping volunteer opportunities will be available to the residents
Concept plans will be drawn based on committee input and presented to the East CAC in February
The committee should be in place by the end of the month
Plans are to build in March/April 2010 and reopen the playgrounds in May 2010

(Slides from Mr. Schindler’s presentation are here [PDF] )

East CAC History:
Several residents talked about their experiences while living in the community. Residency time went from 2 years to over 40 years. Remarks were captured on tape for future usage.

Adjournment: Meeting wrapped up at 9:15 p.m.

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