Digital TV transition happens Friday

Are you still watching analog TV? That is, do you not have cable TV, satellite, TV, or a digital converter box? If so, you may be in for a surprise Friday afternoon, when TV stations across the nation switch off their analog signals permanently and switch over to digital-only ones.

In other words, unless you subscribe to cable or satellite TV or have a digital converter box, all you’ll get on your analog TV will be static after 1PM Friday.

What can you do to keep receiving free TV? Digital converter boxes are available from most electronics retailers for as little as $40. If you obtain a converter box coupon from the federal government, you can buy a converter box almost for free!

NOTE: If you’ve already got a digital converter box, good for you! However, after Friday you will need to make it rescan the available channels as the channel frequencies will change.

Find out more about the DTV transition here.
Request a converter coupon here.

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