Nicole Stewart: April 2009 neighbor of the month

An interview with East CAC Neighbor of the Month Nicole Stewart

What neighborhood do you live in and how long have you resided here?
We live in the northern portion of Lockwood close to Powell Elementary.

Did you move here from another state or city, or from another location in Raleigh?
Prior to moving to our house on Euston Street, we lived in Lions Park/Heritage Heights right next door to the park.

What attracted you to this particular neighborhood and what do you think is the best thing about living here?
What attracted us to this neighborhood was (and what is the best thing
about living here)is the affordability of the houses, the lot sizes, the amount of children in the neighborhood, the school district, and diversity of families and individuals living here. We also have a few friends who live close by.

What types of changes have you seen over the years?
We’ve only been here for a little over a year, so there hasn’t been that many changes. It does seem that the economic climate has affected quite a few of our neighbors, as houses start to go up for sale and rent.

Do you have special interests or hobbies? Tell us about them.
My husband and I are hobbyist enthusiasts. We like to try everything. And, we’ve tried to incorporate this into how we live our lives at home. For instance, my husband has built a shop and a porch at our house. And, I’ve incorporated two gardens and a chicken coop into our backyard habitat. We’ve also taken on home improvement projects making our house more suitable to hosting friends and family (tearing down a wall to turn a 3rd bedroom into a dining room, which opens up the amount of living space we have in our 1,080 square foot home).

Do you have any other comments you’d like to make about “your part of Raleigh” and the quality of life here?
I love all of downtown Raleigh – we’re folks about town. What I absolutely love about this neighborhood is that it’s inside the beltline (so you can get to downtown in just over 5 minutes), but in the evening you can look up in the sky and see stars. There’s something to life moving a little slower when you’re at home, so you can relax and let go of the rest of the busy world. We feel fortunate to have this and be so close to the downtown community and all of its happenings.

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