Minutes from 10 Feb 2004 Planning Commission meeting

AGENDA ITEM 2(A)2: SP-101-03 – St. Augustine’s Track and Football Stadium
This site is bounded by Oakwood Avenue, North State Street, Glascock Street, Hill Street and Milburnie Road. The site plan proposes parking associated with a proposed stadium and track to be located on the northern portion of the site adjacent to North State Street and Glascock Street. The site is within the City Limits.
This request is to approve the plan for a 1,000 space parking area associated with a proposed track and football stadium with a 5,000 seat bleacher structure. The site is 94.2 acres zoned Office & Institutional-1 (southern half of site) and O&I-1 Conditional Use (northern half of site). This plan requires preliminary site plan approval in accordance with 10-2132.2(c)(1)i. as this plan proposes vehicular surface parking areas that are within 400’ of residential uses. There is a pending Special Use Permit for the Stadium in accordance with 10-2145.
Mr. Thompson was excused from this case.
Mr. Everett reported that the committee recommends approval with a list of recommendations to be forwarded to City Council for consideration as they review the Special Use Permit. Those recommendations are: 1) developing a program of litter removal along adjacent neighborhood streets immediately following events at the facility, 2) events in the proposed facility should be limited to daylight hours (should be athletic or academic in nature), 3) each event requesting amplified entertainment will require a Special Use Permit,
4) College form a steering committee with neighborhood residents to monitor and adapt the traffic plan as needed, 5) Hill Street entrance on the east side of the College campus should be opened to the public during events and that a pedestrian path be provided along this drive from the entrance to the stadium, 6) City Council give special attention in considering a petition from the neighborhood to participate in the Parking Permit Program if spill-over parking from College events and day to day operation becomes a problem, and 7) that the City monitor Oakwood and Lions Park for potential pre- and post-game celebrations involving alcohol.
There was discussion regarding: traffic impact, and whether the case would have to go through a Special Use Permit for other uses.
Mr. Reed moved to approve. Mr. Trotter seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous, 9-0.
Mr. Trotter moved to approve the memo to City Council for consideration of the Special Use Permit with an amendment to statement #4 relating to the proposed site plan ingress/egress points (traffic be focused towards N. State Street as more intense uses are proposed). Mr. Reed seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous, 9-0.

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